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My name is Lenka Leskova born in December 18 1988 in Europe in beautiful country Slovakia . After graduate private business high school in 2009 i moved to US when I fall in love to that country . I lived in New Jersey for almost 3 years and then I moved to New York City when I started to study English and Business management at Asa college when I graduate in 2015 and between that I work as executive assistant . I lived at Big Apple for almost 6 and half years. I love NYC but something was still pushing me to moved  to Palm County and one day I just moved to Florida , Miami .  First week when I moved to Miami I got opportunity to work at art gallery when after that I decided to collect all artist who I know and become art agent.
I work with artists in Miami , New York , all Europe and more .... I think that the power of art is the power to wake up us, strike us to our depths and change us.  Selling the art from artist it’s not just sale , I need to see the details of each art and understand the topic.  Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Art is life !
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Me and artists